Emergency One (UK) Limited is the UK's leading manufacturer of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Vehicles and Appliances.

We also cover Sales, Service and Support of fire and rescue appliances, based in the west coast of Scotland. We design and manufacture various vehicles to suit customer requirements.

Emergency One (UK) Limited is committed to delivering the highest in product quality, durability, reliability, safety, innovation, service, training and after-sales support. We are committed to providing best value to our end-users, offering the highest quality product at a very competitive price level, and with an extremely low full-life cost. We have adopted a partnership approach with all of our major suppliers and sub-contractor, and continue to strengthen and add to these collaborative relationships.

It is the policy of Emergency One (UK) Limited to provide products and services that satisfy the requirements laid down by the customer, whilst conforming to standards of safety and quality appropriate to the use that the products and services will be put. We further aim to give our clients value for money whilst generating funds to enable us to ensure the long-term growth and financial stability of the Company, so that we may provide on-going service, warranty provision and after-sales support for our customers.

All our appliances are manufactured inaccordance with EN1846. We are proud to be an authorised supplier contractor to Firebuy – serving the English Fire and Rescue Services, and to Scotland via the Scottish Framework for Pumping Appliances.


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